JD Henning

J. D. Henning is the Director of Henning Financial Services LLC and Founder of the Value & Momentum Breakouts marketplace service.

His passion to research financial anomalies of all types is driven by a desire to discover unique market opportunities and detect financial risks.   J.D. has a unique combination of investigative curiosity and financial education that has turned 25 years of trading and investing into a full-time career assisting other investors.  His background includes roles as a CEO and CFO in two international wind energy companies, financial manager for General Electric, procurement consultant to Shell Petroleum and an early career in the U.S. Coast Guard.  After graduating from the Coast Guard Academy and serving for five years, he earned his MBA from Penn State University.   J.D. holds credentials as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a Certified Anti-Money Laundering specialist (CAMS), Series 65, and prior certifications in procurement and supply chain with C.P.M. and CPIM designations.

J.D.’s hundreds of diverse financial articles have been published as widely as the Certified Fraud Examiner’s magazine, Hong Kong financial news, India’s largest online financial platform – MoneyControl.com, and many more articles can be read regularly on the popular financial platform SeekingAlpha.com.

J.D. earned his Ph.D. in Finance in 2016 and immediately began a live public test of his doctoral research leveraging advanced MDA statistical models for breakout stock selections.  In the first year of live testing he was invited to start a marketplace service on Seeking Alpha that in a few short years has grown into a top destination for thousands of regular readers and subscribers.

Value & Momentum Breakouts is regularly among the top 10 of all 180 marketplace services on Seeking Alpha even reaching the number 1 spot in 2020 for fastest climbers with a large and growing membership every year since 2017.   The popularity of the Momentum Gauge® proprietary model continues to grow rapidly as traders realize substantial financials gains from this remarkable investment timing device.