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Fraud Consulting

cfe-logo-staggered-right-full-color-printProtecting your company from fraud is critical.  When was the last time you conducted a fraud risk assessment of your business or organization?  Do you know what to look for and where the highest risk areas can be found?  See how we can help.

Advisory Services

advisoryLooking for answers or better alternatives to overcome your financial challenges?  Get a second opinion and let us help you interpret and navigate the technical aspects of your financial decision making.  Whether you are deciding to start a business or looking for ways to enhance your business offerings we can provide experienced support to minimize your costs, frustrations, and delays.

Supply Chain Analysis

supply_chain_managementCutting costs, increasing efficiency, and optimizing your bottom line.  When was the last time you conducted a process improvement review?  Do you know where your largest areas of waste, bottlenecks, delays, and expenses are occurring?  Let us help you improve your margins.

Business Analytics

business-analyticsAnalyzing and optimizing your business information may provide tremendous benefits.  Many small businesses have a wealth of data available, but haven’t taken the time to analyze the data and discover how it can improve your operations and profit margins.  Let us analyze and interpret your financial information using proven statistical techniques and methodologies.

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